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About Us

Dcog digitises and automates diagnostic laboratories through its SaaS platform.

Dcog works with more than 50 diagnostic centres across south India to automate their operations, connect medical instruments and devices and help lab with inventory and finance management

For remote diagnostic labs and dealing urgent cases ,Upon request , Dcog systems connect to HUB (pathradcard) . Dcog Lab software installed at diagnostic centers, on request, uploads patient digitized data directly to the cloud where automated data extraction and analysis is done by Medcogin platform. It then generates processed information with draft reports, which can be accessed reviews and approved by the specialists at DPATHRADCARD Hub and report sent back to lab/patient/doctors in less than 10 minutes.

Benefits of using Dcog Lab Software

Simple To Use

Clean, Easy To Use Interface With Configurable Reports


Monitor All Samples And Report Status With Ease.

Automate to Scale

Get accelerated Return on investment with reduced costs by automating redundant processes in diagnostics center

Reporting made easy

Customise your reports in any format that best suits your business needs. Set calculations & other rules for reference ranges based on patient type

Inventory Made Easy

Achieve real-time, usage-based perpetual inventory management,eases handling of day-to-day stock, purchase, transfer & consumption of inventory

Finance analytics

Analyse, project & plan better with detailed statistical charts that give you a visual representation of your financial data.

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  • Testimonial Avatar

    Software implementation was quick. Our process has become faster, more efficient. We can now track our day-to-day business, easily

    Universal Health Care & Surgical

  • Testimonial Avatar

    Dcog is a lot more user-friendly than other LMS’s I had used before. I also appreciate the prompt help I always receive when I have questions

    Muktha Daignostics