At datacogin

We Provide efficient, accurate & labor saving automation in diagnosis. Our mission is to provide low cost equipment, easy to use medical devices in rural areas with minimum training to effectively interpret the images and use devices.

We Provide solutions with easy to interpret insights, which help medical professionals for better treatment of patients.

Our Products

We provide next generation health solutions at the lowest cost with high quality care to reach every individual

Our deep learning technology can incorporate a wide range of inputs from partners (even unstructured data) such as Patient Symptoms, Signs, Pathology investigations, especially images


We welcome you to explore the world of data driven intelligence for healthcare

We dramatically improve speed, accuracy and consistency of a number of sample screening processes.

Our AI solutions can help partners to bring their techonlogies to life with real-world Solutions

Medical institutions can now serve more patients, with a significant reduction in human errors. Patients can now be more confident in the quality of healthcare delivery


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At Datacogin we believe that the best solutions come from collaboration with research teams. Request a demo now to learn more about product

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